Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting A Haircut...Part I

They say that the early bird catches the worm, but in my case, the early bird gets a 25% discount on a haircut at my local hair salon.

It's not exactly "my" hair salon. I don't have a regular person that does my hair anymore. I used too, but I got tired of following my stylist from one location to the next. It seems she couldn't get along with any of the other stylists so she just moved from place to place. I asked her one time why she didn't want to open her own place and she said she didn't like to work alone.

Nowadays, in my small town we got one of those places where no appointment is necessary. You walk right in and then spend the next fifteen minutes explaining to the new person how you want your hair cut. I can't stand that. Stop asking me questions and just cut my hair!! I don't need a guaranteed hair cut and I don't need any super uber expensive hair styling products.

"Would you like me to wash your hair today?" (How much?) It's only 5 dollars more." (No)

"Would you like me to blow dry your hair? (How much?) "It's 3 dollars." (No)

"Would you like me to put some mousse in your hair?" (How much?) "It's free if you purchase the small 19.99 bottle of super secure hair bond from Saul Nitchell." (No, thanks)

"You're a lot more friendly than my last client. She was rude and kept telling me to just cut her hair. I've heard some things about her and her ex husband that you wouldn't believe. How long you been in Georgia?"

"Excuse me..."


Anonymous said...

Being a mostly bald guy, this is not problematic for me. But I do have a friend who had a picture taken of each side of his head plus the front and back. He takes these with him so the stylist or barber knows exactly what he wants every time. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Great idea David!

I personally don't think young stylists like to be reminded of getting older. They don't do older women's hair well.

When you find a stylist who treats you well as a middle-aged woman, be sure to tip 20%.

Suggest to your salon that they get magazines for middle-aged women More and Oprah.



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