Saturday, June 6, 2009

Desperately Seeking Sodium

I'm on a low salt diet!

Is there anything worse? Yeah, I'm a little pudgy in some places and in other spaces I'm built like a brick sh*t house. (Whatever that means?) I have a tendency to swell in all the wrong places and don't drink enough water.

I don't think I use that much salt anyway. It's not like I carry a salt shaker around in my purse (not that I carry a purse, always gets in the way) or I got one of those salt blocks out in the back yard. I don't have Mortons on speed dial.

The doctor told me that I should avoid anything that has added sodium on the label.

Have you checked a label for the sodium content lately? Everything has salt in it, including the Diet Coke that I love to drink.

The doctor told me I should go au naturale and eat foods that are uncooked and unpreserved. Eat lots of vegetables like onions, kale, spinach and cabbage. Cauliflower, broccoli and rutabagas are also natural foods that are good for you. I told the guy that I didn't like any of those vegetables but I really liked potatoes.

They are a good source of fiber but the best way to eat them without adding any salt would be to eat them steamed advised my doctor.

So, that's my new food staple! Steamed potatoes! Not mashed with garlic and butter. Not baked with butter and sour cream. Not parslied. Not fried. Not boiled and browned. Not mashed with brown gravy. Not au gratin. Not scalloped.

Plain, steamed potatoes and no Diet Coke!



Queen-Size funny bone said...

nope couldn't live without my diet coke

Kathy said...

Yes, but think of it this way, you will never have the dreaded "bloat" again. Low salt is the way to go. I've found that if I use certain spices instead of salt, I get all the taste without all the high blood pressure :)

Good luck!

Lola said...

If I don't watch the salt content on foods my feet blow up like balloons. I don't even use the salt shaker at all.

Margaret Hall said...

Hi, and sorry about your sodium search...(your post was full of humor!)
Hopefully, you will adjust, but I "hear" you on the potatoes! I have to really watch the salt too, as I am like a puffer fish! GOOD luck!



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