Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Size Matters

I've been pretty agreeable the last few months. Nothing has really gotten on my nerves too much, nothing really to complain about. I guess that's a good thing!

Unfortunately, the good times never last.

Do you know what set me off this time?


Everything I seem to purchase lately comes in a new and improved formula, costs twice as much, and comes in smaller containers.

The first item to get under my skin is Reader's Digest magazine. I am a yearly subscriber and have been for several years. The stories are inspirational and I love reading its different humor categories. What I don't like is having to flip through page after page of advertising to find a story. And the edition I just got for July seemed like it was only half of what it should be.

The next company that seems to be tinkering with its products a lot lately is the Coca Cola company. First, they have started with the new 18 pack that costs just as much as what a 24 pack does. What's up with that? Now, they have come out with a two pack product that is smaller than a two liter bottle but costs more than 2 two liters combined. Do they think we're not paying attention?

The last thing that chaps the MA Fat Woman's ass is To Go containers. Have you noticed how small they have gotten? Heaven forbid if you want something to go other than what's wrapped in a piece of paper and then dropped in a bag. I brought a To Go container to my mom from a chicken joint one day and she accused me of eating half of hers. Ain't that something? (I had thought about it, but didn't.)

I know it costs a lot to put out a magazine, and keep the world supplied with Cokes. They say America is overweight, so maybe, that's why they have reduced the sizes of the To Go containers. But, at some point in the near future, consumers are going to reconsider that size does matter, and they will stop purchasing your products!


The Peach Tart said...

I've noticed it too. Our local paper is 1/2 the size it was a year ago. I've also noticed many of my favorite products that used to be in 16 oz containers now in 12's a plot to drive us all insane

David said...

The size of newspapers and magazines is very dependent on advertizing and lately there has been a lot less of that.

As for cokes and other food things - I think they try to reduce the size rather than increase the price for the old size. That is annoying for sure.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I had a rant post about this very thing not too long ago. What bothers me most is the DECEIT involved. They think we are REALLY a bunch of airheads not to catch on to this....especially with toilet paper, paper towels and cereal. Make the cardboard rolls larger so it looks like the same size but in reality you're getting a lot less paper. Redesign the cereal boxes to be the same height, but slimmer... less product. Even half gallon containers of ice cream has become a thing of the past..try 1.5 quart packages now, and the price goes up a dollar. Such sneaky tactics will be remembered by old folks like me and passed down to the younger generation. You know, integrity is the backbone of a good or failed business venture. I'm disappointed at how deceitful our old tried and true companies have become. Sigh...putting soap box away now.

Beah said...

The best comment I've heard recently was from Isaac Mizrahi on his cut-rate Project Runway show. He turned to this young designer who was freaking out about designing for a "non-model" and said, "I find that very sizist of you" with as much disdain as he could muster. I love it, I try to work it into a conversation every day. - Beah



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