Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It Ain't A Maytag...Part II

It took me three days to reach the local repairman. It seems he had been out of town over the weekend looking for Elvis. (He took his wife to Memphis and visited Graceland) I had tried a couple other places but they said they subcontracted their work to this fella. (He must be good.) We made an appointment for the next day anywhere between 9-noon. (It's a better window than what the cable people tell you.)

He showed up right at 11 AM, just when I was getting ready to watch the View, and he got right to work. I had done some troubleshooting on my particular brand of washer and had pretty much figured out that the drive coupler had went kaput. It would run but the agitator wouldn't spin.

Mike, the repairman, told me that he had once worked as a Maytag repairman. Of course, I wanted to know if he had ever met Harvey Korman who used to do those commercials. He hadn't but he hoped to one day. (I didn't want to break it to him that Harvey had passed away not to long ago.)

He had determined that it was indeed the drive coupler that had went out and was a pretty easy fix if you knew what you were doing and remembered which parts went where. We were having a really nice conversation about his trip to see Elvis and how he had even had a peanut butter and banana sandwich at one of the local restaurants when he dropped a part down inside the washer.

He was stretching this way, looking here, shining his flashlight there when he stopped suddenly and said, "Aha! I think I see it, but I'm not sure. You wouldn't mind holding the flashlight while I reach for it, would you?"

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