Friday, July 24, 2009

Fat Feet, The Flu And Hemorrhoids...Part III

...back to what I was saying. I had gotten on a casino's address list somehow and they kept sending me offers for free rooms and free food so I decided that I would take them up on their offer. I mentioned to the gathered crowd of fourteen that I would be leaving the beach house for a few days for a little adult entertainment and was wondering if anyone wanted to tag along. I was somewhat surprised when every hand in the room shot straight up including the youngest child there, and she was only seven.

Good heavens! I was trying to get away from the crowd (and sleeping on the short U-shaped couch which everyone said they wouldn't have a problem sleeping on (nobody volunteered) and sleeping on the blow up air mattress that threatened to envelop me like a hot dog every time I moved a muscle) and the crowd wanted to come with me.

Most peculiar of all was the fact that Sister seemed to be the most animated of the group. She was straining in her chair and was bouncing up and down saying, "ooh, ooh, take me. I wanna go!" I didn't think that she would want to go? She likes having everyone around and had already secured the east wing of the beach house as her own. I mean it's really Sister's vacation, the rest of us just tag along to keep her company.

I'm not sure my Sister likes the beach so much. She has a very light complexion, freckles and red hair. She spends approximately two minutes on the beach each year and that's only when the sun is completely down and there's no moon. She will occasionally glance out the window and check out the ocean for dolphins. She has never been confused for a sun worshipper and even wears a wide-brimmed hat when she's inside. Just in case, she says.

Anyhow, I couldn't simply decide who was going to accompany me to Biloxi so the family decided that they would draw straws and Mom was the lucky winner. Another one of my friends went the first night and then we swapped people and Mom stayed the last two nights. Sister decided that she didn't want to go after all, she might miss one of the sunny days at the beach. (I didn't really understand that statement, but somehow, I guess it made sense...)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, aren't family vacations fun???Drawing straws seemed appropriate to me..hey...what a great, in depth look at your outing! I just hope that you took lots of pics, and most of all that you enjoyed yourself!



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