Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Fat Feet


Unknown said...

Great entry for WW -- and so appropriate following your previous post.

Lola said...

My feet are fatter. And no, I'm not taking a photo to prove it. Just believe me, they are. I am hiding them in croc knock-offs this summer because I could not find any cool adjustable sandals like you have there. I guess they were so cool here, they sold them out.

Lola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Golden To Silver Val said...

That's about what mine look like. I told the doc about it today and he gave me a prescription for some water pills. Now I'll probably be up half the night peeing. Can't win. HA!

Anonymous said...

Well, what do I have to do to join in on the Wordless Wednesday? Do I have to post my pic on my blog, then post it where else?
I liked your photo, but your feet are NOT fat! You look like you are enjoying the summer in sensible shoes!

Rae said...

Three Word Responses to Three Word

Nice Nail Polish!

You Look Relaxed!

Enjoy The Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sherry, Finally a person that take pictures of her feet. I thought I was the only crazy one out here. LOL :-) Marion( Nana Bell's photography)



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