Friday, July 31, 2009

Necrosis Fasciitis

Could you survive this?

This is what was left of Brother's right leg after the doctors stopped cutting on it. If you don't remember those stories you can check them out here, here and here.

He was really lucky that he only lost his little toe.

He still continues to have treatment on the leg and everyone he comes in contact with just shakes their head. Totally unbelieveable!

Yes, it did look totally unbelieveable. But, not now!

So, I guess to answer the question, "Could you survive this?" I'm not sure about me, but Brother can answer that question with an emphatic "YES!"


Marilynne said...

He doesn't have a lot of choice, does he? It looks to be healing well. I hope that's right. It's a terrible thing to be going through.

Margaret Hall said...

What a horrible trauma to have to endure! Scary and I would be absolutely stunned! What a pic...
Have a great weekend, blogger friend...



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