Saturday, January 30, 2010

How You Doin?...Week IV

We're four weeks into the New Year and in my best Joey Tribbiani voice I ask "How you doin"?

I thought I'd start a weekly feature here at Reflections that would encourage you to stick with it. I think I'm doing it more for myself, actually. If I write it down each week, I can hold myself accountable. But, please, feel free to play along at home.

I did really well this week. I'm at the end of something that I've been working on and will tell you about it on Monday?

Are you keeping your resolutions?

Are you admitting that you aren't a computer guru and you need help with your new web design?

Are you laughing at least once a day?

Are you staying positive?

Have you given someone a nice compliment?

Are you finding happiness and contentment in your everyday activities?

Are you eating more fiber?

Are you letting the little things go?

Are you being less judgemental?

Are you clipping coupons to help you save money?

Have you become a follower of the MA Fat Woman through Google Connect

Are you drinking fluids to keep hydrated?

Are you getting off the couch any?

These are some of the things that I'm working on. Hope you will too! If you have anything to add to the list, please do so.

Also, if you would like to be included on my blog roll, please leave your info in the comments section.

MA Fat Woman


diane said...

This is such a great idea, but I'm afraid to add anything on to my "to do" list. It might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I just try to do the best that I can every day and smile through it all.

Unknown said...

More power to you, but I don't think I could keep up with that many habit changes, at least not all at one time. It's so doggone hard to change just one, let alone a zillion or so.



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