Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear Sister

Dear Sister,

It's been over three weeks since my birthday and I still haven't recieved my present. Mom said she hasn't received hers either.

We were just wondering if they got lost in the mail or something?


Your loving mom and sister.

Ma Fat Woman


Rae said...


sister said...

Don't push your luck!!!!!! I might save it for christmas just because............

Grayquill said...

Sister has the right idea - save it for Christmas. 1st it is already purchased. 2nd. No effort will be needed in what to buy (it's already bought. 3rd. Its late so the giver will not receive the full gratitude birthday girl would once have shared if said gift had been on time. Sometimes not at all is better than late - I think this is one of those time.
#4 - Just "because" is an awesome reason #5 Four reasons alone are enough for waiting until Christmas but five reasons make it practically a decided surety.
#6 Sister was embarrassed publically having her shortcomings printed on the world wide web, so Ma Fat Woman now owes sister two gifts before she should receive b-day gift or Christmas gift. There problem is now solved and I did it just because I am a man and that is what real men do - fix things. No thank yous are necessary - fixing was reward enough.



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