Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Since my birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year I had Easter dinner and my birthday dinner at the same meal. Needless to say, I over indulged and found myself laid out flat on my mother's couch trying to keep my eyes from glazing over as I fought the effects of the tryptophan from the holiday bird.

I must have been fighting a losing battle because suddenly I was jolted wide awake when Mom yelled, "SNOT."


"SNOT!" Mom said with even more enthusiasm.

"What? Snot? Why do you keep yelling snot?"

"I'm doing the crossword puzzle from the paper," she said. "I've never had snot as an answer before. Thirty-four across. What is a four-letter word for nasal mucous?"

"Snot," I replied.

"Well, you'd think that they could have come up with something else besides snot, don't you think?" she said.

"I don't know, I don't think loogie would have fit." And with that, we busted out in laughter and spent the rest of the afternoon coming up with gross words that could be used in the crosswords.

Now, where did I put that number for the guy that writes the NY Times crossword? I wonder if he takes suggestions?


Marla said...

Happy belated birthday!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Happy Birthday! I'm dashing off a letter to Will Shortz right this minute. (Your mother will know who he is.)

BTW, the best movie ever about crossword puzzles is Wordplay. OMG, I'm such a dork. And I fancy myself as being so cool...



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