Friday, May 14, 2010

After The Fact

I, along with thousands of other folks became a fan of "Get Betty White to Host SNL" on Facebook a few months ago. And, amazingly enough, SNL listened. From the reviews that I read, everyone said it was a knockout and the ratings were through the roof.

The ratings were high, yes, and why shouldn't they have been? Betty is a great comedic actress and at times, her punchlines can rival Bob Hope or George Burns. She is funny, really, really funny. Saturday Night Live...not so much. The skit that I liked the best was about the Census worker (I wonder why?) and it was the very last one of the show. The opening skit (about Lawrence Welk) was funny, but after that, you lost me. The whole Macgruber thing was just strange.

Now, I'm not a comedic writer (a paid one, anyway) but even I could have come up with something that might have gotten a laugh. What about a skit about the Mary Tyler Moore show? Shoot, most of those guys are still alive; a skit about Seniors trying to do the news. I can see it now: Anchors going into cardiac arrest talking about sports or having their false teeth fall out when they catch a glimpse of the newest weather girl.

Anyhow, Betty was on the Tonight Show a few days later and told Jay that she was glad that was over, she had been very nervous. Now, the rumors are going around that they are trying to get her to host the Academy Awards. All I can say is WOW! I'd tune in to watch that.

On another note, on Facebook, they are now trying to get fans to jump on board with "Get Carol Burnett to host SNL". I totally agree with that, she's funny.

As a MA Fat Woman, I am almost at the age where I don't matter anymore, age 44. According to all of the researchers, ages 25-44 are the top spenders and after that, well, folks just tend to fade away into the distance, their money unspent.

Somebody better wake the hell up because that is totally NOT true.

SNL is on the right track by letting someone other than a 22 yr old blond, bimbo that has starred on a reality show host the program and whose only qualifications are giving oral sex to the producers. Barbie, you're not funny, give it up!

Hey, Lorne? You're an old guy, too! There are lots of other older stars out there that would be great hosting Saturday Night Live. You can start with Carol Burnett, then Eddie Murphy, Goldie Hawn, Whoopi, Billy Crystal, the list goes on and on...


KCSherri said...

Yes, Betty rocks - she is pretty darn funny! I have to admit - I liked the Muffin sketch...I know it was awful, but I was laughing so hard; I guess that says a lot about me, unfortunately! :)

And I agree - when I heard they are now trying to get Betty for the Oscars - I was like, "Woot!"

I'm 47 - almost 48 -so I guess I am worthless now. But - now we can have fun and get away with it. :) Because no one cares. :)

Lynda G. said...

I thought Betty was so wonderful on SNL! Excellent show!

Traveler Club said...

I Love Eddie Murphy...he is so cool

Traveler Club said...

I Love Eddie Murphy...he is so cool



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