Monday, May 17, 2010

Unflushed Toilets

How hard is it to flush a toilet?

I had the great pleasure of enjoying three (3) unflushed toilets in a row today when I was gambling away my future at the Indian Casino in Cherokee, NC.

I guess that should have told me how my luck was going to run for the day---straight down the toilet--Wait! That's right, they weren't flushed.

I know most of the world is in the 21st century. Aren't they? I know those automatic flushers can be a bit tricky sometimes, especially when more than one wipe is needed. But stick with it, wave your hand in front of it or something. Do not leave it for the next person.

I'm not brave like some of those people that will enter a stall that somebody has left their shit in; I'll do an about face and move right on down to the next stall. I did that three times in a row today.

Friend had went to the casino with me and later asked me if I had been playing musical stalls. Unflushed toilets was my reply and then she asked if it had been three times in a row. I responded yes and then she said I should have just stayed in the car. It must have been an omen or something.

You know that's probably true. If you're going somewhere that depends on a bit of luck and you keep getting somebody else's shit, you might just wanna head back to the house. And if you find an unflushed toilet there, well--you better head back to Potty Training 101.

Please flush the toilet. Somebody's luck might just depend on it!


Jen said...

I work for the parks dept. and people are just disgusting sometimes. They leave big surprises in 'em. Sometimes they smear it on the walls!! I dont know about ppl sometimes. Its disgusting to use public toilets anymore. Sorry to hear it happened to you. ~Jen

Rae said...

I had just the opposite experience this weekend. Went to Pasta House for lunch and got a toilet that wouldn't QUIT flushing. It kept spinning water all over my behind as it swirled and gurgled and finally stopped as I was leaving.Crazy!

Surfie said...

That is so nasty when people don't flush public toilets, especially if they did more than just pee! I usually flush them so someone else doesn't have to face it. But I'm always worried that there is something wrong with the toilet and that it WON'T flush or will overflow or something. That would be so embarrassing!



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