Monday, June 21, 2010

Riding Shotgun

ALERT, Alert, lert.

What did that sign say?

That was what I was trying to figure out as another damn truck was clogging up the slow lane and blocking my view as I was travelling ultra supersonic in the passing lane. (I don't know if ultra supersonic is a word or not but I like the way it sounds.) Anyhow, I was returning to Georgia after visiting with a few of my old friends at my 25 year high school reunion.

And if you know anything about this neck of the woods, there is really only one efficient way to get there: Interstate 75. I'm happy to report that Tennessee has reopened the rest areas that had been closed for years. (And I stopped at every one of them too. Too much Diet Coke and Cincy style chili require frequent stopping when travelling.)

Anyhow, the interstate was being repaved through Kentucky and Tennessee and I was lucky enough to get stopped three times in a traffic backup. They had posted signs along the way advising that certain lanes would be closed ahead and you would need to merge. When the merging begins traffic usually comes to a crawl or even a standstill as some folks wait until the very last moment to merge and still expect to be let into the already merged traffic. And, of course, there are those idiots that do not want to merge and will ride in the emergency lane. (I'm sure you have seen these people.)

After I had merged I found myself sandwiched between 18-wheelers as we inched the last two miles until we reached the construction zone. I noticed at least three vehicles pass in the emergency lane and just shook my head. All of a sudden, the trucker beside swerved to the right and started straddling his lane and the emergency lane. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw an idiot trying to pass in the emergency lane. Whatever way he tried to go, the truck would adjust so he couldn't get past. One time I thought he was going to go right up the middle between me and the truck. After several attempts he finally fell in line behind the big rig and stayed there long after we had passed through the work zone.

I appreciated what that trucker had done; too many times people have tried to get there just a little bit faster and caused unneeded accidents. Maybe the next time that guy wants to break the law, he'll think twice.


Stacy said...

Just "love" driving the interstates....NOT. The new blog look is really nice!

Grayquill said...

Great new look for you blog...Good job.
Yip...there is always a few who have places to go and it seems they need to get there now! I wonder if they live life in a cycle fo being late. It must be a stressful way to live.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE truckers! They look out for you as long as they know you're not some kind of a-hole. One time my girlfriend and I had to make an emergency trip home from a Florida vacation cause one of her kids got sick. We drove all night long on I-75 with the truckers....nestled in between them just like on Smokey and the joke! We were doing in excess of 110 on those long lonely stretches and we were just keeping up with them! When we exited we flashed our lights thank-you.



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