Monday, July 19, 2010

Burlap Sacks

Friend and I went to an auction the other day in a neighboring town. We didn't realize that we would be spending five hours there; they had a lot of stuff to sell. Anyhow, I've mentioned before that I like to go antiquing, go to yard sales and even sell junk at the flea market.

Something that really caught my eye was a table and wall filled with old tools and junk. Of course, all of the men there were totally interested in it too and when it came time to start selling off the tools they all crowded around and wouldn't let me see what was being auctioned. They were doing what is called a choice deal; if you win the bid you get to pick out anything you want for that price and others can do the same.

The first winning bid was for twenty dollars; the next was for fifteen and the prices continued to drop until there wasn't much stuff left. When I was able to see what was being sold the only thing left was a big box of burlap sacks. I asked the fella standing there what the price was down to and he said $2.50, so I bought them.

I guess there are about 25 sacks in the box and they look and smell like they have been stuck away in the back of a stable for a really long time. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them; they do remind me of growing up on the farm back on Cherry Fork Road. We used burlap sacks in the garden, stored corn for the cattle and they held tobacco plants that were pulled and then set out in the fields with the tobacco setter.

I got to looking on eBay and somebody had one sack just like the one below listed for sale for twenty bucks. Can you believe that?

...If you want to give me fifty bucks for one of those sacks I'll throw the shipping in for free!


Lola said...

You could invite 24 friends and have a sack race.

stella said...

Hey G, ya got a good deal on the sacks, now if ya could jus fine enough taters to fill em up ya be all set. We use the real coffee sack type feed sacks like those when we dig taters, the taters cure better and the sack is open weave enough to let the dirt fall out. On the farm they last for years if you keep em dry and in a mouse proof place.
Have a great day!

Gail said...

What a great find! Hopefully your profits will pour in. I probably could not sell a one but would hang them as wall art!

Ladygoodwood said...

LOL - I empathise, I hate to come away from a sale or auction without something.

Jen, you need to link up with Recyclecindy LOL - she will have your sacks turned into totes at the flash of a needle!


Gianetta said...

Lola- Next time you're in Georgia I'll let you be in charge of the race.

Stella- I'd love to have that many taters; they are my favorite food!

Gail- Maybe I'll hang up a few to look at.

Lady-I'll look her up.



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