Thursday, July 22, 2010

Remote Controls

In a world of never-ending electronic gadgetry where a new device is launched on an almost daily basis, many folks are wandering what to do with that ever growing pile of remote controls.

I looked over my entertainment center, dug in the cushions of the couch, checked the bedrooms and found the remotes that I use infrequently and those that are used on a more regular basis.

I think the best way to explain it all is to list the devices and their respective remotes:

Televisions - 3

VCRs (Yes, I still have them)- 3

DVD players - 3

Window Air Conditioners - 2

Ipod docking station - 1

Xbox - 1

Stereos - 2

So, if I am adding correctly I have 15 remotes in my house. That's a lot less than most households, I think.

Recently, when we were on vacation the beach house that we rented had 8 remotes, just for the television in the living room. It also had a 10-step procedure that had to be followed in exact order (one step was holding your mouth right) or it wouldn't work and you'd have to start over.

I've seen on MTV Cribs or somewhere about those really large remotes that will control everything in the house. Honestly, isn't that the epitome of laziness? Need to get a beer? Press a button! What about taking Fido for a walk? Mash this button! Constipated? Just push the button...

I think you get my drift. How many remotes do you have? You do catch my drift, right? Or do I need to press a button??


Anonymous said...

Back in the late 70's Dad had 2 TV remotes.


My brother, Donnie.


Anita Vest-Conder

Vegas Linda Lou said...

OMG, this post makes me yearn for the days when we actually had to get our ass off the couch and walk all the way across the room to change the channel!

I have zero remotes at the moment, due to my self-imposed "homelessness," but when I had my apartment in Vegas, I had two.

josie said...

I only got three,one for the tv, one for the dvd player and last for the component, but only one is working, lol.



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