Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sealed Envelopes

I'm one of the few out there that still pays my bills the old fashioned way. I address an envelope, filling out both the To and From. I place a stamp in the upper right hand corner and I give the back lip a healthy dose of my DNA by giving it a big, sloppy lick.

Yes, I lick the back of the envelopes, and yes, I know it has probably been places that I don't want to know about. Honestly, I've licked thousands of envelopes and I'm not dead yet and I haven't caught the Cooties!

But, I'll tell you one thing that absolutely drives me BONKERS is when I'm paying a bill or sending a card and I reach for the envelope and it is already sealed. Somehow, some way, somebody has left the envelope in a moist place and caused it to seal itself. What do you do about it?

First, you try to open it and hope that it isn't really sealed or is only sealed in one small area. If that doesn't work, then a firmer pull is required and this usually results in the envelope flap being torn in half.

And then you gotta get out the Scotch tape...and so forth...and so on!

It's enough to make you throw a fit! All you wanted to do was send Aunt Rosemary a card, not perform minor surgery.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Aunt Rosemary.



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