Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Would You Do?

The trapped miners in Chile are on the verge of being freed after being trapped below ground for two months. Surveys have been floating around the Web posing the question, "What is the first thing you would do after spending so much time below ground?"

I asked myself the same question and came up with three answers.

1. I would personally thank everyone that participated in my rescue.

2. I would sit down with my family and have my favorite meal at a nice restaurant.

3. I would spend an entire day just being outdoors, watching the sun rise, feeling the breeze, listening to the birds and watching the sun set.

Well, that's what I would do in my first few days after being rescued---and maybe take a shower. What would you do?


Stacy said...

What I would do would mirror your list pretty closely.

Jen said...

The first thing I would do is take a much needed good long shower, then take a nap in my own bed, then I would spend time with my family to a nice homemade meal. ~Jen

Rae said...

Take advantage of a shower, a real toilet, Red Lobster, and a memory foam mattress!

HulaBuns said...

Actually, I think my list would be the exact same as yours! But #4 would be "repeat 1-3". :)

Irene said...

I would eat a nice hot meal and take a shower and put on some nice clothes.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I would thank God and wonder how the heck I made it thru that and then do all those things you listed over and over and over!

aldon @ orient lodge said...

I suspect I would handle things a bit differently. First, I would be careful about my vision. After such a long time in the dark, my eyes would need time to get used to the daylight again. Carefully, slowly, I would expose myself to more light before I could really sit down and enjoy looking at the beautiful world around me.

Likewise, I'm not sure what my digestion would be like after the ordeal, and I'd probably start off with easy foods and work up to a big feast in a month or two.

Beyond that, I would probably seek a hot tub to sit in for extended periods to get the kinks out of my joints and muscles. I would seek a good massage therapist to help work out the aches and pains I imagine I would have.

After being confined so long with a group of people, I would work to maintain close connection with my fellow survivors. I would spend time with my family, but keep all such events small.

I probably wouldn't go to church. I would want some time to reflect on what has happened and I might fear the media frenzy around any public activities, but I would ask the priest to come to my house for special prayers with my fellow survivors and family.



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