Friday, March 4, 2011

One L Or Two

One thing I've been wondering about lately is the correct spelling of the word canceled. Or is it cancelled?

I've seen the word everywhere. Every time you watch television lately, schools have been canceled, plane flights have been cancelled and I have even seen it spelled canculled.

I did a search on Google and canceled is American English and cancelled is British or Canadian English. Either spelling is deemed correct.

I spell the word with two L's. I'm certainly not British or Canadian, although I have been to both countries.

Another word that gives me the same problem is traveled. Or is it travelled? According to the same source that gave me the info on canculled; one L is American and two L's is British or Canadian.

I spell that word with one L.

So, what does that make me?

Well, I surely know my ABC's. I guess I'm an American-British-Canadian!

Go figure!


Rae said...

Good questions! But to me it doesn't make an "L" of a difference! ha!
By the Way- I found the Skyline Chili at Kroger this morning in the season packets (to make your own). Gonna try that. The canned is too expensive but I'm dying to try it since reading your post!

Margaret Hall said...

Chili???...Well, I need to scroll down and get the scoop!! About Cancelled or Canceled, I vote two "l's"....But, no matter, lovin' your posts...((now down to the chili post))

Irene said...

funny....I always get caught on those words as well when I am writing. I have to say, I usually go with two
L's...but like Rae above pointed out..I guess it doesn't matter a 'L' of a lot!! (or should that be allot??)

Happy Sunday!

MtnGrl said...

I go with two L's for both; it must have been standard teaching in the US during the 70s.

Gianetta said...

Let me know how the chili turns out for you. Rae, why the L not? Funy!



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