Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Losing My Estrogen

Please sing along if you remember the words to REM's Losing my Religion now affectionately known as Losing my Estrogen.

There are many benefits of being a middle-aged fat woman, or so I'm told; personally, I've yet to discover any.

There are so many changes going on with my body right now that I swear if I wasn't somewhat educated I would think that I wasn't a human being at all. Everything seems to be happening in reverse; Benjamin Button ain't got nothing on me. Let me provide you with a few examples:

Why is it that every hair on my body is turning a darker shade of gray with each passing year except...wait for it...the hair on my upper lip.

Have I mentioned the forgetfulness?

I am now an official member of the older society of women in my family. What is so special about this extraordinary group of women: You are now allowed to carry around your own personal Lady Bic Shaver for the purpose of extinguishing those pesky dark hairs without fear of being made fun of or laughed at.

We've all tried the tweezers, but that's too painful.

Some of us might have tried the waxing technique but ever since that scene in the movie Basic Instinct with Sharon wax and I haven't quite been on speaking terms.

Have I mentioned the forgetfulness?

Another thing that I can't seem to control these days are my emotions. I'll be crying tears of joy one second and the next I go almost completely bats*it crazy with rage. Thank goodness for Midol and Pamprin; they've become my best friends.

And don't even get me started on the acne problems. When I was a teenager I expected to have a pimple here and there. You woke up in the morning, stared at the small white bump, popped it and moved on; it healed within three days.

My menopausal acne doesn't behave this way. When I get one of those whoppers they stay around for three weeks or longer and bug the crap out of me because they're never in a convenient my forehead or the tip of my nose. One little kid pointed at me one day and asked her mommy if that lady had diseases on her face. (No, honey, just monster pimples.) Nice.

Have I mentioned the forgetfulness?

I've mentioned to mom the changes that I've been going through and she just laughed, "Get you some hormones and give it about ten years. You'll be just fine. I made it through okay, didn't I?"

That quote took me down memory lane about twenty years ago, back to a time when mom was losing her estrogen too. You would have thought she was losing her mind; crying all the time, ornery as hell and it took 15 minutes for her to figure out which child you were. "I guess you did. You were a bit gruff sometimes, though, I think."

"Gruff? I wouldn't talk if I was you, you've just been plain grouchy. Go get some of them pep pills. I gotta go, my favorite song just came on the radio." In the background, I wasn't too surprised to hear the opening chorus of my new favorite I chimed right in...Losing my Estrogen.


Anonymous said...

Been through it. I was expecting the worst since my mom went through hedoublehockeysticks with it. However, it wasn't bad.

Classic NYer said...

No, you didn't mention the forgetfulness, haha!

Stacy said...

My OBGYN says I'm too young for menopause so I guess I'm flirting with peri-menopause, which seems to have all of the same symptoms as far as I can tell (but maybe I'm forgetting) and, just for giggles, YOU STILL GET TO HAVE YOUR PERIOD. This can last for 10 years, I'm told, before "real" menopause kicks in. Holy crap.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

You will hate me. I'm 54, haven't had my period in two years, and if I didn't know menopause was invented, I'd never know it existed. Not one side effect. I'm lucky, I know.

Louise said...

oh I could of wrote this! My family are wondering if I have a split personality the last two years.
... and I can't remember if you mentioned the forgetfulness ??.

Chelsea Leis said...

Having a buddy whom you can talk to would be a good idea. Also, there are some medications and treatments that a gynecologist can prescribe to ease some of the symptoms of menopause - for instance, hot flushes.



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