Friday, October 14, 2011

No Female Holidays

Have you ever wondered why we have no National Holidays in honor or memory of a famous woman?

Me too...


Vegas Linda Lou said...

No kidding! I remember when the news broke that Magic Johnson had AIDS--they delayed The Tonight Show to give the full report. At the time I remember thinking, "What news about a woman's illness would be so important to delay that broadcast?" It's a man's world, my friend.

Anonymous said...

We have too much to do and our work is way too important, to be bothered lobbying for special days. We leave that kind of insignificant stuff to the men. They have time for it.

sally said...

Can we count Veterans Day and Labor Day and Mother's Day?
As a worker, I qualify for Labor Day, and have some female Veteran friends, so mark those on the list.



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