Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bad Customer Service Strikes Again...The Tale Of A Lost Car Tag...Part III

Clerk: "Outsourcing?" (giving me a look) "We don't do that there. How did it get to Chicago?"

I continued to stand there as she removed the car tag from the envelop and examined it closely.

Me: "It looks just like the one I got last year."

She continued looking at it before finally punching in a few numbers on her computer and frowning again.

Clerk: "Well, I'm the one that processed this a few weeks ago. Let me check the name of the person that mailed it to you to see if they are in the system."

The last name began with a "P" so there was always the chance the papers got stuck together somehow.

Me: "Find anything?"

Clerk: "Nope. I don't know how it got to Chicago." She examined it again before continuing "It looks perfectly fine. I don't see why there would be a problem just putting it on your license plate."

Really? I could see several problems such as identity theft, stolen tags or someone showing up at my house asking "Are you the MAFW?"

Me: "I don't know, I'm a bit worried about identity theft these days."

Clerk: "Well, this tag is linked to the VIN of your car, so you wouldn't have a problem if you got stopped."

I hadn't even thought about that. I haven't been pulled over in almost ten years, but I sure know I didn't want to try and explain to a Georgia cop that although my license and plate says I'm from Georgia, my yearly decal is from the Windy City. (Not sure I'd be able to talk my way out of that one.)

Me: "I want a whole new license plate."

The clerk examined the tag and envelop once again before agreeing with me. She punched a few more numbers on the screen, shuffled a few papers around and stopped short before reaching for one of the new plates sitting on a shelf beside her.

Clerk: "We got one small problem?"

Me: "What's that?"

Clerk: "I need your old plate."

Me: "Oh. Well, I have that. It's on my car."

Clerk: "Okay, for some reason, I thought it was in Chicago..."

Check back for the conclusion tomorrow...

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