Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Going To The Doctor

I went to my three month checkup six months past when I should have gone and my doctor(Who is very good at what she does) wasn't to happy to see me. Where have you been? (Around) I see you have gained some weight. (Tell me about it) Have you been taking your medications? (Mostly, my prescriptions ran out) Have you been taking your blood pressure? (Uhhhh)
Are you exercising? (Yep, I walk to the fridge and back several times a day) How have you been feeling? This is the question that used to trip me up. I have learned over the years to answer this question with a "Great." If you answer any other way, you'll spend the next six weeks having every test possible run to finally figure out you have an ingrown toenail. Of course, my doctor knows this, and will usually cross her eyes, throw up her hands and ask, "How are you really feeling?" (Great)

I had brought several things to read with me. When I go to the doctor it usually requires at least two hours of my time between waiting to be called back, waiting in the back waiting room, waiting to go to the lab to get blood work and a urine sample, fingerprinted and my photo taken in the business office for when I write a bad check on the way out.

Not so today. I didn't even get to sit down in the outer lobby before they called me back, weighed me in, took my blood pressure and other vitals, and in popped the doctor. I got my usual blessing out for not doing what I was supposed to be doing. I think my doctor was a teacher in a previous life because she always gives me home work(Things I'm supposed to do at home) and then gives me a grade at my next appointment.(I got a C- today)

My doctor flipped through my charts and said I needed to continue to take my medications,(I need prescriptions) begin to exercise, (Ok, more trips to the fridge) and come back in six weeks.(Three months) No lab work. (Yeah) Your homework assignment is crucial, you must take your medicine so I can tell if it is working. (OKaaay) Now, bend over and cough. (What) I looked at her and she said, "Whoops, that's the next patient. See you in six weeks." And out the door she went. I was right on her heels and when I got to the car, I had only been gone for 45 minutes. Now, that's what I call a good trip to the doctor's office.

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