Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tom Cruise...Happy Birthday

I'll admit it, I think Tom Cruise is cute. From the first time he slid across the floor in his underwear to playing volleyball topless, I was hooked. Really, back in the day, who could have played Maverick better than Tom Cruise? One of the 80's brat pack? Kurt Russell, maybe? Sylvester Stallone? The Terminator? Rick Schroeder, too young? I don't think anyone could have captured the swagger, the arrogance of the walk, and Kelly McGillis for that matter, better than Tom Cruise.

Today, July 3, 2008 is his 46th birthday. He's middle-aged just like me. He looks a lot better than I do. I could never go on TV like he does because it says that it adds 10 pounds to you.(I'm vain that way) I don't even think that I want to be famous like him. I already have enough people lurking outside my house.(Dang bill collectors)

I know I'll probably never meet Tom in person. I know he'll never come over to my house and jump on me, or my couch for that matter, but a middle-aged fat woman can dream, can't she? So, Happy Birthday Tom, wherever you are and remember this: You had me from Hello!!

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