Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Going Fast

I don't really know where the time has gone. I looked at the calendar and realized that the dog days of August are almost upon us. This led me to check my little black book (Yes, I have one) to see if I had accomplished everything I wanted to do this summer. Here's a partial rundown of what is in my little black book:

1. Go fishing at least one day a week [x]

2. Go to the movies at least 3 times [x]

3. Mow the lawn without having a nervous breakdown [x]

4. Go to the beach for a week [x]

5. Keep my air conditioning bill under 300 bucks [x] (so far)

6. Go see a play in the woods [x]

7. Win the lottery [ ]

8. Solve the NY Times crossword [ ]

9. Buy a new lawn mower [ ]

10. Meet Tom Cruise [ ]

I'm batting .600, (6 for 10) which is pretty good. I've got a lot more things on my list to get done. I'd better hurry because summer is going fast.

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