Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Kids On The Block...All Growed Up

I can’t believe what’s happening. It seems that everyone is making a comeback these days including that popular Boy Band from the 80’s, New Kids on the Block.

It seems that everything comes back around every generation or so, which I believe is twenty years. Bell bottomed pants returned much to the chagrin of parents who are now taking their children to the emergency room because the kids keep tripping over the pants legs. My waistline is making a return since I gave up my dozen donut a day habit and my brother’s receding hairline is returning since he made a visit to the Men’s Hair Club (Wait, that’s me too) and lastly, New Kids on the Block, who are staggering back onto the stage for one last gasp.

I was surprised to see that the musical guest for the season opener of the View was the pulse-racing, hormone jumping, and tween loving heartthrobs of this once popular band. Weren’t Boy Bands the demise of Rock-n-Roll? New Kids on the Block—ain’t so new and they’ve been around the block a time or two. Wha oh ah oh oh, the Right Stuff?


New Kids on the Block begat Boyz to Men who begat Vanilla Ice who begat Grunge who begat Country crossover sensation Shania Twain who begat Britney Spears who begat Hannah Montana who begat the Jonas Brothers. (Wait, they’re okay my niece likes them and they do wear tight pants like the rockers of old.)

Give me a hair band, electronic riffs on the guitar or a power ballad. I’ll take Rock-n-Roll any day. I’ll take David Lee doing an aerial cartwheel. Gimme Eddie and his son Wolfgang—VanHalen’s trying to get it together. What about ACDC? They got a new album coming out. Talk about headbanging! What about Guns n Roses? Axl Rose has been promising us The Chinese Democracy (they wish) for about 10 years. Shoot, even Madonna is still putting out the hits at age 50.

But, Boy Bands, ugh!

In all fairness to NKOTB, I listened to their new single as they performed it on the View. It sounds a lot like all the songs of today with a rapping intro that leads into a lead vocal with a nearly 40 year old man trying to sing an octave that he used to barely hit before he went through puberty. Hold your ears—where’s that sound guy when you need him?

Stop the Insanity!

I’m not sure why groups come back around, maybe, they need the money. Maybe, they can’t get a regular job. Maybe, it’s reforming a Boy Band or a 10-year prison sentence. (I’d have to think about that one)

How about thinking they could be like the Rolling Stones? Medicaid recipients and still bringing down the house.

For whatever the reason, someone of you might enjoy this new chapter in a book long thought dead, but, for the rest of us, thank goodness we still have Bon Jovi! Rock on sister!


Da Old Man said...

I'm still waiting for the Beach Boys to become the Beach Men.
Hasn't Willard Scott already wished half the band members a happy 100th?

Gianetta said...

@Da old man- I think he has.

Buggie said...

New Kids On the Block then...Old Men Down The Corner now.



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