Friday, September 5, 2008

Please Stop The Hugging

I must be weird or something. I like to watch the Late Show and the Tonight Show and I also like to watch the View that comes on at 11:00 AM. That isn’t weird, but I’ll tell you what is; every time a guest comes out on stage, they get a hug and two or three air kisses from the hosts.

Please stop doing that!

I’m all about a firm handshake or maybe just a nod in greeting. Why do they have to waste so much time on the greeting? On the View, if the guest has to greet all of the hosts their 2 minute segment can be cut in half. How about a wave? That would work.

Is hugging supposed to be Hollywood or something?

I don’t see a lot of those greetings around where I live. You’d probably get arrested if you tried to make that move around my friends. We know the sheriff. Maybe, if it is a long-lost relative, I might go for the hug; but, I’d really have to like that person.

I’m not antisocial or anything. I’m not like Howie on Deal or No Deal (Fist bumps). I’m sure a therapist somewhere would say that I’m scared for some reason or I am unfriendly.

I’m neither—I think a hug should be more personal; something reserved for someone who will really mean it when they give one and appreciate it when they get one.


Da Old Man said...

I used to belong to some group, and everybody hugged everyone else. I'm really not into hugging other guys. But I didn't mind hugging the women. :)

Gianetta said...

@ da old ma: You're such a flirt



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