Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Riding With My Blinker On

I think it's been well established that I'm a little offbeat, maybe slightly off tune, and maybe, just a little bit weird. I definitely walk to the beat of a different drum. That's okay, my mom has always said that I'm unique and that's why she named me what she did.

Anyhow, I like to think that I am cognizant of most things and that I pay attention to the things around me. I was on my way home from another trip to nowhere in particular and had made a left hand turn like I always do. It's not a sharp enough turn to make the blinker automatically shut itself off; you have to do it by hand. I've done this hundreds of times with no problem.

I traveled the three miles to my house and reached down to turn my blinker on to make a left hand turn. I turned into the driveway and heard this coming from the truck behind me: You just drove three miles with your blinker on; I thought you were an old man or something. Pay attention, why don't you.

Oh my goodness! I have always tried to alert someone when they drive with a blinker on for no reason. Actually, I have left my blinker on just to see if anyone would try and alert me to the same fact. I wonder why the guy in the truck didn't try to alert me somehow--I guess I need to pay better attention.

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