Friday, October 16, 2009

But, I thought...?

Excuse me while I sit here hitting myself with my rolling pin, but I'm still shaking my head about something that happened the other day. I had whisked Mom away from her square dancing and poker tournaments for an exciting day trip into the northeastern corner of Georgia to go leaf looking.

Of course, there were no leaves to be found or seen because we are experiencing our third consecutive year of rain, drizzle and fog. Which means you can barely see your hand in front of your face, let alone, a beautiful mountaintop bursting with splendid oranges, yellows, and reds.

We soon grew tired of squinting through the fog and listening to my wipers SCREECH across the windshield and decided it was time to stop for lunch. I had done some research on restaurants in the area and had settled on a seafood place called Rumor Hazeit.

We ordered lunch and began to look around the dining area and took notice of the other customers. One table was obviously local business people enjoying a leisurely lunch, another table possibly a young couple in love because they were suck facing constantly. (Get a room!) Other tables were filled with other tourists out enjoying the fog and rain, and the last table, well, it was filled with senior citizens.

I counted at least ten gray, purple, and silver haired beauties sitting together. I'm not sure if they were local or not; just out for the day. Could have been a church group, who knows. But they were the quietest bunch of ladies I'd ever seen. Almost made me nervous.

We had finished eating and were letting our food settle while watching the server that had been handling the seniors try to settle up their bills. I could sense she was getting a little frustrated because they couldn't remember who ordered what and didn't agree with the amounts on the bill.

One of the ladies began talking privately to her and for some reason the waitress announced that it was her birthday. Dead silence ensued and what happened next is what had me asking, "But, I thought..."

Everyone of those ladies stood up and began singing Happy waitress.

Mom and I looked at each other with the same WTH face. I thought the waitress was supposed to sing to the customer. Whatever! We didn't want to be party poopers so we joined in and before the song ended the whole restaurant had stood up and sang Happy Birthday.

The waitress smiled and thanked everybody and said we had really made her day. I'm sure that's one birthday that will never be forgotten.


Kathy said...

Oh, I love that! There's turning the tables! (BTW, I was at a Red Lobster once where a bus full of elderly people came in. It took twenty minutes before they all got settled with their various walking equipment. It was too cute for words.)

diane said...

I used to work in the restaurant business, so I got a little teary eyed at your story. sniff.
I actually really love old people.

A Lil Enchanted said...

That is an absolutely wonderful story... kindness and generosity seem to be in the air this week :)

It's so nice to see other people caring for others for a change instead of being mean, grumpy and all about themselves.... so refreshing :)

A Lil Enchanted,

P.S. I'm NW Georgia... so I'm with ya on the rain... I'm ready for some sun!



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