Monday, October 26, 2009


Why are gas prices approaching 3 bucks again?

Why have gas prices risen almost 50 cents a gallon in the last three weeks?

Am I the only one wondering why?

Does anyone know the answers to my questions?

I bet you're wondering why I am wondering?

I'm not sure, I was just wondering!



diane said...

It's a plot.

No idea why, seriously.

OMG, love my word ver.- eaticksa
I like anything that has to do with food, even Dr. Seuss food.

The Peach Tart said...

I can never figure out the gas prices.

A Lil Enchanted said...

Because Christmas is coming... property taxes are due.... car tags need renewing... and they just figure we have extra money to spend on gas :(

A Lil Enchanted,

Unknown said...

I've been wondering the same thing. The have climbed so rapidly recently!



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