Monday, October 12, 2009

The Wrong Number Always Rings Twice

I was gone for most of the day and was surprised to find three messages on my phone when I got home the other day. I knew it wasn't a family member because I had been with my family all day. As I pushed the play button on my answering machine I wondered vaguely if it wasn't Doug calling for Helen again.

"Hi, this is Audry from Mountain Physical Therapy and I was calling to set Ms. Higginbottom up for for PT visits. Here's what you need to do. Call this number and talk to Florence who will then call and talk to Mr. Taylor over in the accounting department who will then okay the payment plan and then contact Tonya at the Satellite office to set up the visits three weeks from that point because Heidi is still out on maternity leave. You'll be her first patient back from leave which will be good because she will want to do a lot of extra work to help her lose some of that baby fat. She said she gained like 50 pounds while she was pregnant and has at least 40 pounds to lose. I'm not sure if that means that she had a 10 pound baby. Oh, man! That's big! Okay, well, if you have any questions just give us a call." Click!

That was call number one.

Here's call number two:

"Hell0, this is Audry calling from Mountain Physical Therapy and I just wanted to tell you that I realized that I called the wrong number and disregard everything that I just said. Tonya would be really mad at me if she knew I was telling everyone her business. She doesn't work her patients out that hard but she really does need to lose that baby weight. Okay, well forget everything I just said now and on the previous call. Bye!"

And last but certainly not least, call number three:

"Hi Helen, it's me Doug from Automotive Excellence again..."


Rae said...

Too funny! What a great laugh to start the week!

The Peach Tart said...


diane said...

Hahaha, gotta love it when people blab on & on when they get the message machine.
Your post was my favorite one so far today. : )

Unknown said...

That's so funny! Isn't it amazing what kinds of messages folks leave? I've written about messages on answering machines before.

Jen said...

I've done that, left a message, realized I left it at the wrong place and then called back to ask them to disregard it. I've also received calls where it was clear they were calling the wrong person and called them back to tell them they need to still get a hold of the first person.



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