Friday, October 9, 2009

Take Your Sister With You

Growing up the youngest on Cherry Fork Road presented a few problems from time to time. Namely, getting left behind. Brother is older than me by five years and Sister has three years on me. It seemed like they were always going to one function or another and I was to young to go.

Brother took me and some of my friends to the movies a few times but that was nothing compared to what my sister had to put up with. Sister and her best friend liked to go cruising in town. Trust me, there was nothing else to do, but cruise up and down the road. The route consisted of going through town and turning around at Solomon's doctor's office, going back through town and driving around Sam's tastee freeze and then go up and cruise around the car wash and head back through town.

This was done repeatedly until everyone went home or about 10:00 PM. Whenever Big Red would ask to go with Cindy she was usually allowed to go as long as she took her sister with her. I'm sure it drove her crazy.

I'm not sure how Cindy felt about it but we always seemed to have a good time. It was especially fun when we went to the rival town and trying scoping out their guys. I think my sister and her best friend had the hots for a couple of them fellas that played for the rival Indians.

I always sat in the back seat and was basically ignored by all the boys that we came into contact with. Until one night one fellow stuck his head in the window and wanted to know who was in the back seat. I can't remember his name but I was tickled to death that a boy had finally noticed me. "That's my kid sister," my sister said.

"Well, she's cute," the boy said. Lord, you would've thought Shawn Cassidy had just said hello. I was over the moon for at least six months.

I had fun cruising with my sister and her best friend and today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Cindy! Thanks for letting me tag along.


Rae said...

Aww! Happy Birthday, Cindy!
Aren't sisters the greatest?

The Peach Tart said...

Happy Birthday Cindy

Katherine said...

LOL I LOVED Shawn Cassidy! Went to a concert one time (6th grade?)and we went back to where he was staying. Actually made it to his DOOR.. but the manager answered and wouldn't let us in. Wonder why? ha ha

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Cindy. I love Shawn Cassidy. Even now he is really cute, and apparently kinda smart. Did you see the THS episode they did on him? Katherine, I am so jealous you can't even imagine.

Chief said...

How great that you and your sister are friends. Mine are so much younger than me that I feel like more of a mother.

Happy Birthday Sis



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