Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Holiday Conversation

If you missed the original Holiday Conversations post you can check it out here. The following are actual conversations from the 2009 holiday season.

Sister: I know what you can get me for Christmas this year. But, you'll have to order it online.
MA Fat Woman: Well, what is it?
Sister: It's an insulated cup. They cost 10 bucks each.
MAFW: Whoa, that's a lot!

Mom: Want to see what I want for Christmas?
MAFW: Sure, what is it?
Mom: It's called a napsack. It's right here in the ABC catalog.
MAFW: Why do you need a backpack? Are you going camping or back to school?
Mom: NO! It's not a backpack, it's a napsack. You take it with you when you are travelling and lay it on the bed or wherever you are sleeping. It even has room for a pillow. That way you don't have to touch the blankets or bed spreads; they can be really gross, you know.

Brother: What are you getting mom for Christmas?
MAFW: Not sure. She showed me something in the ABC catalog...
Brother: Oh God! Not the ABC catalog again.

MAFW: I found out what mom wanted for Christmas?
Sister: What?
MAFW: It's something like a backpack, but they call it a napsack.
Sister: Oh Lord! It's not from the ABC catalog, is it?

MAFW: Sister wants some kind of insulated cup for Christmas. It costs ten bucks.
Mom: Whoa, that's a lot! Insulated cup, huh? You three kids are nuts about your drinking cups.
MAFW: I looked, but couldn't find it anywhere. It must be in one of those specialty shops at the mall; although she said she saw it online.
Mom: Hmmm, did you check the ABC catalog...?


Rae said...

I love your family! They sound so fun!
Any chance of ordering me one of those ABC catalogs?

Margaret Hall said...

Ahhh, good reading, huh?...That ABC catalog must be a sure find!!
Well, let us know if you find that trusty napsack, and the cup, will be interested in the outcome...
And, oh yes....Have you told them what YOU want and from where???



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