Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Twelve Days Of Dieting...Day VIII

On my eighth day of dieting my body said to me:

8 glasses of water

7 slimey salads

6 sugarfree Jello cups

YOU LOST 5 POUNDS (all water weight)

4 protein shakes

3 low-carb bars

2 hunger pains...

...and a

Boy, howdy! You can do it! Just think how much better you'll feel.

1 comment:

Margaret Hall said...

Hi, YOU....Wow, I finally got caught up on the 8th~!! Huffin' and puffin' tryin' to catch you...
These days have been really fun to read...You have a great wit about you, MAW...(((notice I did not put the fat word in there)))...After all, you have had NOTHING much to eat, poor kid~!



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