Friday, December 11, 2009

The Twelve Days Of Dieting...Day XI

On my eleventh day of dieting my body said to me:

11 yucky carrot sticks

10 minutes of walking

9 times I've cheated

8 glasses of water

7 slimey salads

6 sugarfree Jello cups

YOU LOST 5 POUNDS (all water weight)

4 protein shakes

3 low-carb bars

2 hunger pains...

...and a

Boy, howdy! You can do it! Just think how much better you'll feel.


Marg said...

That is exactly the way I would look at a diet. Hope you made it through the day. Doesn't sound like good food.

Margaret Hall said...

11 yucky carrots, (((they are too!))...Bless your heart...Hang in~!! Enjoying your posts! MERRY CHRISTMAS~!!



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