Saturday, January 23, 2010

How You Doin?...Week III

We're three weeks into the New Year and in my best Joey Tribbiani voice I ask, "How you doin"?

Uhhh, not so good. You'll notice that some of the items didn't make the list this week.

Are you laughing at least once a day?

Are you clipping coupons to help you save money?

Are you drinking fluids to keep hydrated?

Are you getting off the couch any?

I did accomplish the above resolutions this week.

I'm back on track now, but I gotta tell you, the jelly donut that I just had to have, it tasted really good.


MA Fat Woman


Rae said...

Oh- were we supposed to DO those things? I thought it was just a dream list!Can we start over now?

Grayquill said...

Read Rea's comment - That works for me. I think I forgot to make a resolution this year...
The upside - failure has not broached my door way.

Gianetta said...

Chief- There's always next week.


Grayquill-Too true.

Margaret Hall said...

Saved $10.50 with coupons this last grocery visit..Woohoo!
Water is ---well---flowin' like water!
Laughin' betcha'~!
Off the couch, too, believe it or not,....and I am now jealous of that jelly donut!!....Lucky you!



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