Thursday, January 28, 2010

If You Leave It

I'll list it.

Since we're going to be making some more changes here at MA Fat Woman. (I'll try to leave the colors alone, but it is almost spring and I really like pastels, so you never know.)

Anyhow, I am going to add to my list on the side of Friends Who Can Relate and if you would like to have your blog included just leave your link in the comments section.

It's a whole lot easier that way than me travelling about the blogiverse and doing the old copy and paste.

Again, if you'd like to be included on my blog roll, list or whatever you want to call it, just leave your info in the comments.

(Of course, I do have the right to reject any and/or all links if I find that they are not funny and/or at least a little interesting.)

MA Fat Woman


Jen said...

Here is my blog address:

Gail said...

I would be honored to be included.

I crave readers like chocolate. Send 'em my way.

sally said...

The more readers the merrier-and I love the idea to include the blog address. I will do it on all my comments from now on. If of course I can remember to do it after writing extremly exciting comments. Well OK, what I think of as extremely exciting.

p.s. does anyone else but me try to pronounce the word verification?

Margaret said...

Well, MAW...I hope that I can be included...I love blogging, love to read blogs, and love visitors and their thoughts!!....

Time for a Bucket List!

Diet is a four-lettered word!




Would love you to come by for a visit!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Hey toots, redecorating is fun, isn't it...especially on a paint, no mess, no moving furniture. Here's my address:

WillOaks Studio said...

Cool!! And can't wait to see your blog makeover--I'm thinking about doing mine, too.

LeeAnn said...

Leave it to me to be late! I'mso farbehind on blog reading this week. I'd love my blog listed too! :-)

I love visitors, but ya never know what I might be talking about.



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