Monday, April 26, 2010

Just Driving By

I've always been amazed at the different outfits people will wear. Back in the day, early to mid 80s, parachute pants, Members Only jackets and pinstripe pants were mainstays in mine and many of my friends' closets. Sweater vests, puffy and ruffled shirts and gold Disco belts were also required wardrobe items.

Today, anything pretty much goes.

Baggy pants, skinny jeans, chubby chicks with muffin tops, spaghetti strap tops with bra straps hanging out; it's a common site nowadays. Need to run to the store for bread and milk but you are in your pajamas? Not a problem, people do it everyday.

One piece of clothing that I have never gotten excited about was miniskirts. I'm not sure why; but it might have to do with the fact that I have always been a member of thunder thigh high and I like to keep my butt covered up.

The other day when I was driving home I passed by a house with a lady unloading a child from the back seat of a car. Her back was to the road and she was wearing a miniskirt. The planets must have been lined up perfectly because at the exact time I drove past, she bent over and the dress went up.


No underwear.

All I saw was a crack before I had to swerve the Mustang back into my lane and pick my jaw up off the floor. I don't know if she thought because she was in her own driveway that she didn't happen to worry about what she was or wasn't wearing or what.

I'm sure she hadn't intended on flashing the MA Fat Woman.

Mom always said to make sure you had on clean underwear whenever you left the house in case you were in an accident.

I guess with today's anything goes attitude, the advice should be changed to just make sure you have underwear on.


Ninja Media said...

heheehe sometimes I forgot to wear my underwear on

Rae said...

It was probably one of those darn butt flossing thongs! lol
I think everyone should wear granny panties- it would save millions of wrecks!
Hope the Mustang recovered well!

Unknown said...

I was so amused by your story, I had to laugh aloud. Well, in our church was a lady sitting with her way- below-the-hip denim pants without belt and she bent over to get something on the floor and her behind cheeks showed off together with her multi-colored thongs. At least she was wearing underwear.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Yeah, they should wear underwear for the rest of us. The guys with peekaboo jeans and no shorts are... um....

Witchie's Place said...

LOL, I was going to suggest the thong theory as well, but I see others beat me to it! My fav's tho are the "chubby chicks" w/the chub "peeking" out and thinking they're wonderfully sexy! You go girls!!! Is 46 yrs old middle aged? If so, then heck, can I join a club or something for MAFW??



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