Monday, June 28, 2010

How Do You Eat Raviloi?

I was over at Krogritz (Kroger) the other day wanting to stock up the pantry because it was getting pretty low. They always seem to have a special running where you can get 10 of something for ten bucks. Most times it's a really good deal. What especially caught my eye was a big bin of ravioli. Now, let's admit something here: I L-O-V-E ravioli. I don't care if it's the overstuffed kind, the cheese kind or the extra meaty kind; I'm usually getting three or four cans.

I knew that if I was being watched people would think that I might be a few quarts low in the old thinking department while I was stuffing cans of ravioli into my shopping cart with a look of pure joy on my face. I got every can that I could find, and since I have a tendency to go overboard ended up with 32 cans of ravioli. Can you say score?

I checked the expiration dates and not one was before 2012. I've got almost two years to work my way through my newly found treasures. Sometimes, I just don't want to cook and I can just open a can and dig in.

It was a few days later when I decided to enjoy my first can of ravioli. After I nuked it in the microwave I settled down to enjoy my ravioli the way that I like to eat it.

The process goes something like this: Spear individual ravioli with fork and thoroughly coat with sauce. Lick sauce off of ravioli. Spear. Repeat.

Now that the ravioli is sauce free, the nibbling can begin. Make your way around the outer edge of the ravioli nibbling in small bites just up to the meat-filled center.

Once this circle is completed place the ravioli back into the bowl and take the tine of the fork gently to one corner and remove the top layer of pasta to reveal the meaty center. Place removed piece to the side. Scrape off meaty filling, dip in sauce and enjoy.

Lastly, place removed piece back on top of remaining pasta, dip and eat. Repeat until finished.

Weird? Maybe! I'm sure you have a particular way you like to eat a certain food.

Don't even get me started on how I eat Oreos!


Stacy said...

Great, here it is 9:30 in the morning and all I can think about now is how much I want some ravioli. And actually....I like to eat the canned stuff on bread.

stella said...

We I see I am not the only one that likes that stuff. But I take time to cut each square into 4 equal size pieces and dip each piece in the sauce as I eat it. lol

Stacy said...

Just had to come back and mention that...IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! I went out to run errands and my last stop was the grocery store where I bought....ravioli and sauce. Guess what's for supper?

Megaman said...

your post reminds me of the old commercial with owl eating the lolly-pop, How many licks to the center of..what the hell was the name anyway one, two three, crunch.

Witchie's Place said...

You had me up until you take the "meaty" part out. I don't do that, but I do nibble the edges...LOLOL! And I was looking for the family sized can yesterday at the market! Couldn't find it at our bargain supermarket :(

LOL! Great fun! There's really only one way to eat an Oreo, lol!

Gianetta said...

I'm still eating ravioli!



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