Friday, June 25, 2010

Still Wearing The Same Suit

I'll be on vacation for the next week down along the Georgia Coast. I'm still wearing last year's swimsuit so I thought I would let you revisit this story. Enjoy!

Beachgoers beware!! The middle-aged fat woman is coming soon to a beach near you with a brand new bathing suit. Cover your children's eyes. What was that flash of white?(my pearly white skin) I don't care what anyone says, this year I'm going to the beach for a whole week and I am going to enjoy every minute of it. So I bought myself a new swimsuit. I didn't try it on 'cause I know what size I am. Plus, I don't like to use dressing rooms.(I always think someone is watching through those mirrors) And if you're at one of those big stores where the dressing room is out in the middle with no ceiling, they can look right down and check out your stuff.(Makes me shiver and cringe)

I hate to admit it but I spent over $18.00 on my new swimsuit. Seems like an awful lot of money for a little piece of string. I picked out a nice brown jungle pattern that matched the splotchiness in my complexion and was the color of my new sandals. Once I got home I thought I would try it on and see how it looks. I began to remove all of the tags including the price tag,(paid too much) the security tag,(it only cost 18 bucks) the designer label,(yeah, right) and lastly, that other thing called a panty shield. (Gross)

Ok, I'm ready to take that first step. One leg goes in, then the other. I begin to pull the one-piece upwards toward my hips and am met with a slight resistance.(Not a problem, happens all the time) I tug harder and up it snaps(OW). I insert each arm into the proper slot and begin to pull, stretch, twist and contort myself into my new suit. I begin to adjust everything and put it where it normally sags, but darn it, if the shoulder straps don't keep slipping off my shoulders.(I hate that) My chest is heaving, sweat is dripping off my brow, I think I might have pulled a muscle in my back trying to get the stupid thing on. Now, comes the moment of truth. I turn around and look in the full-length mirror to check myself out. My head turns to the left, then the right, I turn around and look at the back....I shake my head and say to myself, "Aren't you glad you bought the matching coverup?"


Stacy said...

LOL...I think that describes everyone's bathing suit experience. Sometimes I wonder if it would be so bad if we went back to those old time swim dresses. You know, those big black things from the early 1900s?

Stacy said...

Oops! Forgot to say....have a great time on your vacation!

Witchie's Place said...

LOLOL!! Great stuff, you do have a way with words! Have a great vacation and don't cover yourself up, how are you gonna tan that pearly white skin?!!

sandy petals said...

I love it, I can definitely relate. Have a great vacation.

stella said...

LMAO you are so funny, but ya know, I have come to the conclusion that we should be thankful we have lived long enough for things to sag. I know I am. lol
Have wonderful vacation.

Campbell Jane said...

Oh girl you are too funny! Have a fun time!



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