Monday, June 7, 2010

Telemarketer Blues

I didn't recognize the phone number on my Caller Id but it was from Orlando, Fl, so I decided to answer it. I do have family down there, it might be one of them. It shouldn't be from a telemarketer because I am on the Do Not Call List. But every once in a while, one will sneak through. When I answered the phone and there was a pause on the other end I knew it was a telemarketer; the following is our conversation:

Me: Hello? ...silence. Helloooo?

Voice: Uh, hello? Is someone there?

Me: Hallow? (changing my voice to a more older and mature pitch...aka senior citizen) Hallow?

Voice: Okay, hello! (surprised that somebody actually answered the phone) This is Don Juan calling from MRE Orlando Vacations. How are you today?

Me: Fine.

Voice: Okay, great! I'm calling to invite you to a three day vacation here at Walt Disney Orlando. Do you remember when you purchased a vacation a few years back?

Me: Nawp, can't say that I do.

Voice: Okay, you purchased it and was unable to go?

Me: Nawp, can't remember that neither.

Voice: Okay, someone you know went somewhere and wrote your name down?

Me: Nawp, don't know nobody ever been to Orlando.

Voice: Okay, is this G Farmer?

Me: Nawp.

Voice: Okay, that isn't right either. Have you ever lived at blah, blah, blah (my current address)?

Me: Nawp.

Voice: Damn, the whole thing is messed up. Somebody has given me all the wrong information.

Me: Well, bless your heart. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Voice(chuckling): Yes, I do. You wouldn't be interested in a Florida Disney vacation, would you?

Me: Nawp, can't say that I would. Well, Don Juan, what are you, some sort of Romeo? I gotta go, my teeth are boiling. Bye Bye!

Voice: uhhh, bye.


1 comment:

Scribbler said...

hahah!!! I like it..
I had a similar experience with them telemarketers. I just hate them LOL! But bless them they are just doing their job. I wish they'd work to a call center in India instead.



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