Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When Laptops Attack

My new laptop and I have been having a lover's spat, if you will---it really tries to do what it is supposed to do and I keep telling it it isn't good enough and it's basically a piece of *hit! What is really frustrating for both of us is that the relationship is only 7 months old.

What could we possibly have to fuss about?


My complaints on my laptop whom I affectionately call Shiba, short for Toshiba are: You're only a few months old and you've been to the Geek Squad 3 times.

You had to have your adapter replaced because something got stuck somewhere. (Whoever heard of that happening?)

UPS has lost you in transit twice and you ended up in Hope, Arkansas. (Watch out for that Clinton guy; he likes young things.)

After being repaired twice, you started beeping and making odd noises and then didn't want to work at all.

And my top complaint is that you needed your hard drive replaced and I lost all of those fabulously funny blog posts that I spent months working on.

"What do you think about that, Shiba?"

"Uh, I asked you if you wanted to back up your files several times. And you really shouldn't bang on me every time you make a typo. And you probably shouldn't have dropped me on my head either..."

Oh, shut up!


Rae said...

I have an Acer desktop PC and after 8 months, I had to have a new hard drive. Then every time I set my coffee cup on the desk, it went black! Sent it back to the shop three times in a year. What's wrong with manufacturers nowadays?
Good luck with Shiba- maybe she'll shape up!

Jen said...

That was funny G! My laptop is dead. It needs a new motherboard that is going to cost right at about $300.00 give or take. I been using the desktop which i dont like using. I really want my ol broken laptop back. Then again, I also want about $100,000. ~Jen

Gigi said...

This cracked me up! I can SOOOOOOO relate! Computers can be the most amazing of things when they work properly...but can be the biggest of headaches when they decide to show you who is REALLY in control! hehe
Love ya and LOVE this funny little post!

Amartya | A Note said...

hahaha... that was funny!

i have or had my own shiba too! we'll ours was quite a long relationship, but after I accidentally poured a hot chicken curry on top of him, he went crazy, and although I had him repaired after that, he left me after a year and went to sleep forever, never to wake up again even I tried to open his eyes. Now, I am thinking whether to have him repaired again since it will cost me so much. I am still having my company laptop, so I don't disturb him for the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Should have bought a MAC.

Margaret Hall said...

Well, after having several "hand me downs" table PCs, I went overboard and bought/treated/went crazy with a new HP table PC, black and sleek...I was tired of waiting while I did a load of laundry to turn pages~!!! But, the second day, I spilled a small stream of hot coffee upon the keyboard....ackkkkkkk!! All is well, and hopefully I can discipline myself to a half a cup at the screen~!! Hope all is well with your laptop!glad to be back to your blog~!

Gianetta said...

Shiba is really rocking and rolling now; in a good way.



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