Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Having A Yard Sale

It sounded like a good idea a few weeks ago. I got a sudden burst of energy and started prowling around in my basement and decided that I had enough junk sitting around to have a yard sale.

I’m real peculiar about yard sales. If I decide that I want to put everything together and wrestle all of those items up the hill, then I had better have something to sell.

I hate going to a yard sale when all they have for sale is hard plastic children’s toys or a bunch of clothes.

I consider myself to be a drive-by yardsaler; I’ll drive past several times looking to see if it’s worth getting out of the car for a closer look. Or worse, if my mom is with me, we’ll drive past a sign that says yard sale and I’ll ask her if she wants to stop. She’ll say no she didn’t see anything worth stopping for; however, if she was by herself, she would stop at all of them.

You won’t find any of those items at the middle-aged fat woman’s sale—well, there may be a few items of clothing. I found some things in the basement that I had forgotten I had and I went to an auction a few weeks ago and bought several boxes of tools that I hope to sell. Men like to buy up the tools and I’ll also have a box where everything is a quarter—those quarters can add up.

It’s a couple of days before the big yard sale day and I have worn myself out. I found some old sterling silver items that I detarnished and am going to sell. I painted and reupholstered a patio furniture set that is older than me and have found all of my folding tables. I’m ready to go.

My mom has returned from her second trip of a lifetime and wanted to know what I was doing this weekend. I started to tell her about the yard sale but decided to keep it a secret. Why do I do this? Every time I have a yard sale mom will bring stuff to sell which isn’t a problem. But, if she doesn’t sell it, she’ll leave it at my house for me to get rid of, which is a problem. I barely have enough room for my own junk.

I’m having second thoughts about the yard sale; I could always hope for rain.


Kirsten said...

I know I sound like a dork, but do you ever watch Clean House? They have some good yard sales. I don't know why I wanted to share that with you!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I only had one yard sale which I didn't feel was worth the work and I didn't enjoy negotiating prices. Things were already dirt cheap and people still asked me to come down more! It was very annoying to me. I seriously doubt if I'd ever have another one. Good luck with yours though!

Da Old Man said...

I like going to yard sales, I hate having them. I get annoyed pretty easily.

Gianetta said...

@kirsten: I have watched Clean House, and now my house is a lot cleaner.

Gianetta said...

@Karen: I up my prices a little so there is some room for negotiation. I like the thrill of outwitting unsuspecting shoppers.

Gianetta said...

@da old man: But doesn't that create a lot more opportunities for you to yell at people in their cars when they drive on your lawn.



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