Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yard Sale Etiquette

It’s been well established that I like to go yard sales. Over the last few days I have even had my own yard sale—made a little money and met some really nice people. However, for those of you that have failed to learn the unspoken rules of yardsaling or have forgotten what they are let me refresh your memory.

Do not show up at a yard sale before dawn; I can guarantee that the folks having the sale do not want you looking through their boxes of stuff that are sitting on the porch before they’ve had their morning coffee.

Do not show up before they have posted their signs advertising said yard sale.

If something is priced at $20.00, don’t ask if they’ll take a dollar for it.

Do not pay for a $4.00 item with a hundred dollar bill.

Don’t pay with a check.

Don’t be judgmental when folks are trying to make a few bucks on the Sabbath.

Don’t ridicule what others are trying to sell.

If you are having a yard sale don’t follow the shoppers around checking to see if they’re trying to steal something.

Don’t raise the price of an item if someone really wants it.

Lastly, whether you’re having a yard sale or going to a yard sale, remember to have some fun.

If you follow these simple rules of yard sale etiquette, your own yard sale adventure should be filled with lots of fun and excitement. And frazzled nerves. And aching backs. And a bunch of leftover junk that you don’t know what to do with. And a yard with tire marks all over it. And a bunch of neighbors who are mad that you didn’t invite them to join in. And after adding all up all of your expenses for time, energy, and things you sold for a loss, you made exactly $32.55 in three days.

Would you do it all over again?



Anonymous said...

Definitely agree with your list. My neighbor was a total yard sale fanatic and when she held one of her own dealers would show up at 6 AM. So much for sleeping in on the weekend. When we would join her with some of our own stuff I had people trying to get something for nothing - now that is annoying - as well as the people who ask if they can use your bathroom or want to go in your house to see if there is something there they want. Hey, if it's not out here, then it's NOT for sale...Jeeze

Anonymous said...

@ broadway: Those are also true statements and I'll add them to the list. My list was just what happenend to me during my yard sale.

Da Old Man said...

Good tips. BTW, occasionally, I've been on the selling side of the table, and if a potential buyer starts to annoy me, the price goes up.

"It's a dollar."
"Can you do better?"
"Sure, it's 2 dollars." :)

Gianetta said...

@ da old man: I'll have to remember that; I'm having another yard sale this weekend.



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