Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Democrat, A Republican And An Independent...A Conversation On Health Care

The following conversation took place a few days ago when Brother, Mom and Me met for dinner to celebrate her birthday. I won't tell you which one of us is which party, I'll let the conversation speak for itself.

Ind: Ha! I was busting your buddies' chops the other day about the Health Care vote. They were like all gloom and doom and that America was going to hell.

Reb: They're probably right. Obama and that Pelosi chick are gonna be the death of all of us freedom loving Americans.

Dem: I would have thought, heaven forbid, that you of all people would want reform. You got about every preexisting condition there is and even some that haven't been invented yet.

Ind: That's true.

Reb: Well, somebody needs to stand up and make these people start paying for some of these government programs. It's going to cost 44 quadrillion dollars, that's almost a googol, before we're debt free.

Ind: Google? Google is named after a number?

Dem: I don't know, but A googol is a number with a 100 zeros behind it.

Ind: Oh. It's not going to cost that much. Well, if you're so worried about the cost, what about the cost of the wars that we are fighting on two fronts? Isn't that costing a billion dollars a month? How are we paying for that?

Dem: Yeah, how are we paying for that?

Rep: I don't know but I think Halliburton has got something to do with it.

Ind: You're probably right.

Dem: I know that's true. It's probably not going to affect me too much.

Rep: That's what you think. You're going to be getting a $250 check for your Medicare supplemental insurance.

Dem: Oh, goody!

Ind: Nice.

Rep: I wouldn't get too excited about it. They're doing away with the plan or something.

Dem: Oh, crap! I hope they don't go messing with my prescription drugs. I'm still trying to figure out the last program that Bush put into place. I wasn't a big fan of his but I remember he got us two refund checks of $600. That's what I call stimulus money.

Rep: Yeah, one of those checks would be nice right now. But, this reform is Socialism, pure and simple.

Ind: I could do with one of those checks too. What's wrong with Socialism?

Rep: Well, how about a tax rate of 50% for starters?

Dem: Wow, that much?

Rep: YES, that much!

Ind: I don't know. I don't think that would affect us too much.

Dem & Rep: Why?

Ind: Well, they gave all of the stimulus money to the fat cats in business and we're all unemployed anyway. What's 50% of nothing?

Dem & Rep: True.

Ind: And furthermore, it doesn't matter what the cost is, because, according to the Mayans, the world is ending in 2012, anyway.

Rep: You're wacko.

Dem: I think your brother is right. You spend way too much time on that computer...


Ellen said...

That was just too funny! I'm surprised it was so civil! It wouldn't be that way in my family. Love your blog, every time!

Unknown said...

Ellen's right. That's the most civilized discussion I've seen online between people of other parties in a LONG time.

Sorta... refreshing, really. :)

KCSherri said...

Your conversations sound like they could have been had at my house with MY family - too funny!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

gotta love family discussions

Marla said...

Ok, this is funny no matter who you are~

WillOaks Studio said...

Very funny on one hand...on the other, it's a perfect illustration of just how confused about the facts everyone is!! But I hope you're wrong about the end of the world! (P.S. I love the cat calendar, thank you!!)



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