Monday, March 15, 2010

Let Go!

I got into a fight the other day, with myself. I'm beginning to lose my winter coat and my hair is falling out in bunches and causing the tub to drain slowly. I'm really not sure what I'm less fond of: standing ankle-deep in water in the shower or plucking wet hair from the drain.

I turned the water on and noticed a small amount of hair that hadn't washed down the drain so I bent down and picked it up with the intention of throwing it in the trash. I gave a small flip of the wrist and nothing. I flicked my hand the second time and still nothing. The hair hadn't budged a bit. I grabbed the hair with my other hand and tried to flip it in the trash. Nothing. I tried to rub off the hair by rubbing it on the side of the waste basket. Nothing again. I flicked, shook, rubbed, pulled and still nothing. That damn hair wasn't going anywhere.

I stopped for a moment, collected myself, and decided to try another route. Hmm, I thought, what else can I try? The hairdryer was easily accessible, so I grabbed it and turned it to blow the hair into the trash. Of course, the hair was blown directly to the floor and I stepped on it while trying to see where it had gone. Yep, the wet hair was now stuck to the bottom of my feet.

Let go, already, will you? Jeesh!

I proceeded to stick my left foot out and give it a good shake three or four times. Nothing. I grabbed the blow dryer again and aimed for my feet. It blew off, I grabbed it off the floor and slung it in the trash. Finally!

Since I had fought this great battle with the hair and won, it had put me a little behind schedule in meeting up with Friend for a girl's night out at the Waffle House. I thought I was being cool telling her about my win over the wet hair and she was nodding in agreement the whole time. "Wow!" she said. "I"m glad you got the hair, but what about the toilet paper that is stuck to the bottom of your shoe and the tags on your new shirt? Are you going to fight with them too?


Irene said...

Sorry to hear about the toilet paper and the tags, and that after winning such a battle!

Ellen said...

I've had those days myself. Love reading your trials and tribulations. Thanks!

Marla said...




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