Monday, March 1, 2010

Some More Things I Wonder About

Why is the couple in the erectile dysfunction ads always sitting in a broken down bathtub? Nothing in my mind conjures up romance more than an old rusty bathtub. Let's do it here, right now!

The persons in the stop smoking advertisements are all skinny. Come again. They're all skinny. How is that possible? Almost every person that I've known that has quit smoking could play tackle for the Miami Dolphins.

Why do they always show feminine napkin commercials when I'm having my dinner? This chicken sure is moist...moisture leakage protection that keeps you stain free.

Why are there so many restrictions on things? Get everything on sale, at least 150% off the regular retail price, shoot, we'll even send you a check for the full purchase price...blah, yada, blah, some restrictions apply.

Why are certain contests and happenings void here prohibited and not available in all states? I'm sure elected officials have nothing better to do than sit around and think of future events that they can void and not allow in certain states. Oh wait! They already do that.

Why can't all stores participate? Get a Big Mac for a penny--at participating stores nationwide--which really means ain't nobody participating. But, hey, We got you here, why not try this burger for $8.99?

I have a whole bunch more of these why's floating around and then I stopped and wondered why I was writing about them.

I'm not sure why. It just makes you wonder sometimes, though, doesn't it?

Or is it just me?

...I wonder.


Nomad said...

Okay. Here's what I guess. When the USA was first put together, (from what I heard- I was a wee babe at the time) it was nearly impossible to the thirteen colonies to agree. Each thought of themselves as an independent country- with their own set of laws. The only way they would agree to combine forces against the British empire was if the states were allowed to keep many of the local laws with certain national principles. You can still see this in the local militia- each state has its own military.. or they used to anyway. Each state has its own Supreme Court, its own Senate, etc. None of the forefathers would sign the Declaration of Independence unless it guaranteed "state's rights." In some states, for example, before you get married, you have to have a blood test and in others you don't. Now in an age of easy travel, when you can drive an hour and everything changes, it becomes as silly as the "some restrictions do apply" thing you mention in the post.

livintheblues said...

I thought I was the only one left who hadn't had sex in an old rusty bathtub..:)

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

LOL ~ those commercials crack me up - really stupid, most of them! And just FYI for y'all ~ March is National Women's History Month!! Happy Monday to all!

LeeAnn said...

I've wondered some of the very same things. :-)

WillOaks Studio said...

Great list and a good batch of chuckles! The ads are have to wonder who their target is sometime...

Grampy said...

Some of those adds are really straight from a rambling idiot. I see commercials sometimes that I don't even know what they are advertising.

Quill and Greyson said...

I totally agree about those bathtubs, so random.

Monica said...

Hillarious and oh so true!!! The feminine napkin one CRACKED ME UP!!

Margaret Hall said...

Now, I am in total agreement about the bathtub scene...One, is it on THEIR property, can the neighbors watch them?...Sheesh~!! Loved this post, MAW~!! Great fun write!
((Been away...illness/death in our family))



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