Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fishing With My Niece

My niece is visiting for a few weeks this summer and is staying with her Grandma(My Mom) who lives over in the next town. She called me up and asked when I was gonna take her fishing. I said I wasn't do anything tomorrow so I would be there to pick her up bright and early. Silence from my niece. How early she wanted to know? You know Aunt middle-aged fat woman (that's what she calls me) I don't usually get up before noon.(Harump) I said I was gonna get there about 8 AM, any later than that (as my Dad used to say) is classified as noon and you're gonna be burning daylight.

I guess I got there about 9 AM and to make a long story short we were on our way. After numerous stops to get gas,($54.00) breakfast,($9.24) worms(EEWWW) and drinks we headed off to one section of the local lake. We got there and men were working on the bathroom and it was a really long walk down to the shore. We decided to go somewhere else. We got to another section of the lake and a ranger wanted to know if we were with a special group. I said no we're trying to go fishing. He said sorry, but they just closed the beach for the day.(Great) So, off we head to the last part of the lake where the dam is located. Its open and has 2 port-a-pots. I told my niece you better go now if you need to before they get to hot.

We gathered all of our gear and headed down to the shoreline. Water was being released through one of the locks on the dam so we were getting hit with the spray which was kind of refreshing. The sun was shining brightly with only a few sparse clouds. I was looking for just the right spot when my niece turns to me and says, "You know I don't touch the worms, right?" Silence from me. What could I say? I was thirteen once and now I'm the middle-aged fat woman and I still don't touch the worms...thank goodness I remembered the artificial bait.

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