Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Watching My Neighbor Mow

Its a beautiful sunny afternoon and I am trying to get some chores done, but I keep getting distracted. I keep hearing a noise and finally go to investigate. It's the man who mows the grass next door and he's got a brand new, sparkling red riding lawn mower. He spies me watching him and throws me a wave or something like that. It's all I can do to restrain myself from running outside and try to hijack that thing ride out from under him.

I'm usually not the violent kind, but the middle-aged fat woman can only take so much. I stand there pondering my options, do I give a wave, throw a finger up or just walk away. He's kind of crotchety anyway, but I decide to throw him a wave. Well, the next thing you know, over he comes and offers to let me have a go. I'm kind of reluctant, but I remember the green monster in the basement, so I hop right on. Wouldn't you know it, I'm hooked. I finished mowing his yard and mowed my again. As I drove up to him, he took his hat off and scratched his head. "I'll be back in two weeks," he said. "Will you be around?"
(I'll be right be here, why don't you just leave the mower with me?)

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