Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Miracle in the Checkout Lane

I'm sure everyone has experienced at one time or another the situation I am about to mention: Long checkout lines. It doesn't matter what time of day or even what day of the week it is; everyone in the store wants to check out at the same time and only a handful of lanes are open,(Maybe I'll check out at the jewelry counter you think to yourself?) You look down in your cart and realize that you have purchased your monthly way would they have enough bags at the the jewelry counter to hold your merchandise. As you look down the checkout lanes trying to guess which will be the quickest, you come to the self checkout lane. Now, the middle-aged fat woman is as modern as the next person(I try all sorts of self help stuff); but, there's a limit on the amount of items that can be successfully placed on the belt, scanned and placed in the bag without causing WW III. (Do you have your discount card?(No!) Do you have any coupons?(NO!!) Please place the item in the bag?(SHUTUP!!)

Aisle 8 seems to be moving the fastest. There is a gentleman that has left his very full cart near there as he did the walk trying to see which lanes were moving the fastest. He comes back to his cart and motions for me to go ahead of him. I'm not in a hurry, so I motion for him to get back in line. (He had a rug protruding out of his cart. His cart wasn't in line, but his rug was.) He says thanks and gets back in line. As we begin to wait, I get a text message from mom,(She loves to text)wondering where I am. In the checkout line, I texted back. (Poor thing, she says) We continue exchanging messages and then I notice behind me 4 men with 1 one item wanting to check out; so, I let them go ahead of me as well.

I looked up and noticed a lady walking toward the next register. She was wearing an employee uniform that matched the other cashiers,(*Perk) Could this really be happening? Is she coming back from lunch? A break? I didn't care as long as she flipped on that sign that screamed Aisle 9 is open. You guessed it!! The middle-aged fat woman slid right on over to #9 and checked out before the others that she had let go ahead of her....Small miracles can happen anywhere...even in the checkout lane.

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