Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Real D Day

As I was driving around town last week doing errands I noticed that we had a new doughnut shop so I thought I would stop in and check it out. When I pulled in to the parking lot there were banners and signs, streamers and colorful balloons everywhere, all saying the same thing: "Welcome, it's National D Day."

I had written checks out earlier in the day so I knew that the date was June 6. As a former student who loved to study American History, I knew the significance of that date. That's the day when the greatest generation of all time took to the beaches and began the gradual taking back of land that was being unlawfully occupied.

As I walked into the shop the owner came rushing up to me very excited, all nervous, clasping and wringing his hands, chest heaving and looking at me says,"Welcome, this is my first D Day, and you're my first customer, I'm so excited." I tried to calm him down as best as I could, (He didn't seem to be a foreignor, so I couldn't figure out why this was his first D Day.)

As the middle-aged fat woman I had to thoroughly examine all of the doughnuts before I made my selection.(Chocolate frosted!) As the proprietor rang up my sale, he took 50% off the price in honor of National D Day. He thanked me profusely and went to wait on the next customer who was as taken aback as I had been when being greeted so enthusiastically. I went to get back in my car and noticed a wadded up flyer on the ground. I picked it up and was mildly surprised to learn that June 6 was also Natonal Doughnut Day.

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